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Adams State University
Nielsen Library

MUS 326 / 327 - Doyle - Research Paper or Creative Project

This guide will help you conduct research for your Research Paper / Creative Project for Dr. Doyle's MUS 326 class.

Searching for Books

Click Books and eBooks on the library homepage. Try a search (again, for just one part of your topic for now) in the search box on that page:

The results will tell you what format each book is available in, whether it's available and where it is. For instance, this book is a paper copy (like a book you can hold in your hands) and it's available. The call number tells you where it is in the library ("ASU Nielsen Library" before the call number means the book is on the third floor):

This book is an E-book (you can access it online from anywhere with a computer). To get into it, click "access online":

If you would like to see more books than are showing up in the library catalog search results, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to the section that says In Prospector. From there, you can click the blue "See all results in Prospector" button to see results from libraries all over Colorado.

To request a book in prospector, click "Request It".

If the book is available to borrow, you will be asked to enter your name and library card number, and then the book will be shipped from its home library to Adams State.