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Adams State University
Nielsen Library

Finding the headlines from your birthday

Loading Microfilm

The microfilm machines are located on the south side of the second floor of the library. New York Times microfilm will be on your right as you walk around the staircase.

Open the box and remove any rubber bands from around the microfilm.

Turn on the microfilm machine by flipping the switch on the right side of the screen.

Load the microfilm on the metal rod.  Make sure to push it all the way to the back.

Press the green button.  The black top should pop open.

Insert the end of the microfilm into the green holder.  Gently feed the microfilm through the holder until you feel resistance at the other end.  Make sure you can see the microfilm on the big screen.

Close the black top.

Press the load button.  The microfilm should load.  If you get an error message, turn the machine off then on and try pressing load again.

Microfilm Controls

Printing from Microfilm

Turn on the printer located at the bottom of the machine. 

Insert your coins into the coin machine.  Each page costs 5 cents.  Please note that the coin machine only accepts nickels.  See a reference librarian if you need change.

Make sure the area you want to print is within the black print lines on the screen.

Press the Print button.

Removing Microfilm

When you are finished press the rewind button.  The reel should automatically wind back up.  Remove the reel, place in the box, and place on the shelf for reshelving.