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ENG 101 - MacWilliams

Find the conversation

Think of the literature around your topic like the conversation at a party. At this point in your research, you are listening to the ongoing conversation around your topic so that you can enter the conversation in an informed way later on.

For your topic in ENG 101, you may actually look at two conversations and merge them together in your own writing. For instance, maybe you want to write about immigration as it relates to Waiting for the Barbarians, but you aren't immediately seeing many articles that discuss immigration in Waiting for the Barbarians. In that case, you might need to research two different conversations:

  • A conversation about Waiting for the Barbarians
  • A conversation about a topic or theme you see in Waiting for the Barbarians

Then, as you write, you can discuss the literature around each conversation and combine the two in various drafts of your paper.

This video from the University of Nevada Las Vegas Libraries illustrates this point well: