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Finding the headlines from your birthday

Searching in LexisNexis

1.  Open LexisNexis.  If you are off-campus, you'll be prompted to enter your username and password. If you're having trouble, see our Off-Campus Login page for help.

2. On the LexisNexis homepage click the Advanced Options link under the search box.

3.  In the Advanced Options box enter your date of birth in both the From and to fields. Under Source type New York Times and select it from the list. Click Apply

4.  Click on the Search button next to the search box to go to your results.  Leave the search box blank!

5.  You should see a list of results for your birthday.  You can look at articles in the list, but it's generally easier to download the entire newspaper for the day and search within Word.  

6.  The Word document you've just emailed to yourself will be around 300 pages long.  Go through and look at the headlines, and if they look interesting scan the article for important persons.  

7.  Use Ctrl F to search for specific words in Word, such as President, leader, movie, and book, that may lead you to important persons.