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HPPE 100 - My Future Career & Scholarly Article

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Database Search Tips

Good additional keywords:  career or job, salary, job performance, work setting, burnout, work-life balance

Use Subject Terms to identify relevant keywords for better searches

Use limiters like Full Text, Peer Reviewed, and Date to narrow your results

Use Choose Databases to change which databases you're searching

Read the Abstract, which summarizes the article

Use Tools, such as Email and Cite, to your advantage

What is Full Text?

Full Text means the entire article is available in the database you're searching. 

Sometimes all that's available is an abstract, or summary, of your article. This doesn't mean you can't get the article. It might be in another database at Adams State, or in Google Scholar. Even if it's not, you can usually get it by filling out an Article Request Form.

Selecting Full Text will eliminate these results, but can be helpful if you're in a hurry.

What is Peer Reviewed?

Peer Reviewed means that an article is scholarly in nature.

Peer reviewed articles are evaluated by experts in the subject area before they are published.

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