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Adams State University
Nielsen Library

ENG 203 - King: Guide intro / Topic selection

Links for Library Instruction Session

We'll use these links in today's library instruction session:

Topic selection

Topic selection isn't just a matter of saying "I'm going to write about X." It's important to start out with an idea of what you're going to write about along those lines, but it's also important to start your research with some flexibility in mind.

A lot of students tend to want to start the process of writing a paper by deciding what they are going to say and then trying to find articles to support that. A better way to go is to start with a general topic, do some initial exploratory research, refine the topic a little, do some more research, and so on.

These videos from the North Carolina State University Libraries and the University of Nevada-Las Vegas Libraries provide an excellent overview of the process of selecting a topic:


Research is a Conversation from UNLV Libraries on Vimeo.