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Identifying source types - would you use it?

Where a source comes from, where you found it, and what information it includes can all give you clues about whether it's scholarly or not.

In-class activity: Directions

With your table/group, look at sources 1-12 on the left. You will likely be able to make a judgment call on whether or not to use a source AS a source based on the images provided, but I've also provided a link to the article/item itself and you are also welcome to google the source/authors/any other information about the article.

Look at:

  • The source (what journal/magazine/newspaper/website?)
  • Where was it found (database? google?)?
  • What does it look like (does it look scholarly?)?

To determine:

  • Would you use this as a source for scholarly research?

After you discuss as a group, we'll discuss these sources as a class. Be sure to keep track of how you did or did not decide to use each source.