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Voices of the Valley: Canciones del Pasado

Canciones del Pasado

​Canciones del Pasado : Spanish Folk Songs of the San Luis Valley

Ruth Marie Colville

The Canciones del Pasado are a collection of songs that were curated in the 1960s by Del Norte school teacher Ruth Marie Colville. Colville first became exposed to these songs while on her ranch in Del Norte, and decided to preserve them as a record of the Valley. The songs combine Spanish, Indian, and popular music influences and reflect the heritage and traditions of the Spanish speakers in the San Luis Valley.  Find out more about this unique collection by reading an excerpt from Ruth Marie Colville's book Canciones del Pasado.

  • SOURCE ARCHIVE Adams State University Library
  • COPYRIGHT 1967 Ruth Marie Colville
  • GENRE(S) Folksongs, Spanish Songs
  • LOCATION(S) San Luis Valley, Alamosa, Colorado
  • CULTURE GROUP(S) Mexican Americans Spanish Americans
  • INSTRUMENT(S) Guitar, Piano
  • LANGUAGE(S) Spanish, English
  • SUBJECT(S) Folksongs

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Track Listing

play lyrics 1 El Venado Y La Venada Emalinda Archuleta et al. 1:50
play lyrics 2 Las Altas Torres Emalinda Archuleta et al. 2:43
play lyrics 3 Pajarito Amarillito Emalinda Archuleta et al. 2:58
play lyrics 4 Las Cuarentas Cartas Gabriel García 5:20
play lyrics 5 El Borrachito Gabriel García 2:56
play lyrics 6 La Entrienga Augustine Peña 11:34
play lyrics 7 El Triste Leon Gabriel García 3:57
play lyrics 8 Los Dias, Las Cuna, Lupita Ruth Marie Colville 2:38
play lyrics 9 Los Dos Sombreros Gabriel García 1:46
play lyrics 10 El Sombrero Cumbreado Eduvigen Benavides 1:46
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.