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How to Donate to the Collections

Donation Form

Anybody can donate collections to Adams State Special Collections and Archives!  Items such as diaries, pictures, journals, and other mementos can add a great deal of value to our valley collections.  There are two important steps to take if you are thinking of donating items such as these to the collections:

The first step to donating is to contact me, Mary Walsh at or call at 719-587-7174. This step allows me to introduce myself and discuss your own particular wishes and needs for your donation.  If your donation does not fit into our current collection, I can also point you to other organizations that might better benefit from your generosity.  

The second step is to fill out this donation form.  This form sets in paper the rights of the University and of the donor.  If there is anything on the form that you do not understand, or wish to alter, please ask us and we will do what we can to make sure the agreement satisfies both parties.

I, on behalf of the Nielsen Library, thank you in advance for your generous donation.