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Finding a Business Case

Finding a Business Case

How to Find a Business Case
Website: Nielsen Library -> Research Guides -> Finding a Business Case

Go to LexisNexis

1. Figure out a topic

Keywords to use:

drug abuse, intellectual property, Alien Tort Statue, human rights violations
drug manufactures, Universities, Construction, automobile manufactures
v. Company, v. Inc, Apple, Inc. General Motors

appeals court, supreme court

2. Search Lexis Nexis - Look Up a Legal Case by Topic
Nielsen Library -> Articles & Databases -> Most Popular Databases -> LexisNexis

  • LexisNexis contains only appellate level and above court cases.
  • Do not search the Big Red Box; click on the smaller gray box that says “Look up a Legal Case”.
  • Look at the gray box for a case summary.
  • Click on the Print Icon/Print Preview to find the case’s length.

3. Understand your Case

Advanced Tips

  • You can search for your case in a law review to read more about the case.  LexisNexis -> Search by Content Type -> Legal Reference -> Big Red Box -> “2013 Ark. 70”.
  • If you are not finding anything using LexisNexis, try using Google Scholar’s Case Law search.

Google Scholar

  • Limit results to Case law.
  • Limit by Any time Since for more recent cases.
  • Look for company name, opinion, and length.
  • Copy the citation at the top of the case you want (Example: 941 F.Supp. 528 (1996)) and paste it into LexisNexis.