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Open Educational Resources

Information for Faculty & Staff about OER

Organizations & Partnerships

History & Laws

The Cape Town Open Education Declaration gives a great explanation as to the "what" and "why" of OER.

The University of Northern Colorado's Libraries OER LibGuide has a list of International OER Initiatives that show the history and scope of open education worldwide. They also provide a list of local Colorado and nationwide Laws & Regulations (e.g. House/Senate Bills/Acts & their sponsors) pertaining to Open Education.

SPARC has put together two State Policy Resources: the OER State Policy Tracker and the OER State Policy Playbook; Creative Commons has the OER State Legislative Guide.

Related Initiatives and Topics

  • Open Ed Week - internationally, held first week of March. (Overlap with International Women's Week means ASU's Open Ed Week events may take place at a different time.)
  • Open Access Week - internationally, held the fourth week of October. (Again, ASU's OAW events may take place at a different time, or may be merged with Open Ed Week.)
  • ZTC (Zero Textbook Cost) initiatives - everything from single texts, to courses, programs, or even entire degrees can be reworked to require student to pay students nothing in textbook/materials costs.
  • Open Access Publishing - options for publication of scholarly works that are openly licensed and accessible to users free of charge [mostly])
  • DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) initiatives - lower textbook/materials costs help underserved students finish school faster and with less debt!
  • and more...!
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