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Affordability is the first step in most Open Educational and/or Cost-Savings initiatives. Providing an affordable education means more students are likely to succeed (graduate sooner and with less debt), and there are so many different ways faculty can approach that goal! Affordability can include adopting course materials that are already available -- either totally free on the open web, or by utilizing campus library subscriptions to databases and eBooks. You may be supporting ASU's Open Ed Initiative without even knowing it!

Inclusive Access

Inclusive Access is also known as Automatic Billing. Textbooks, homework platforms, and other course-materials costs are bundled into students' tuition and fees (sometimes without the students' knowledge). While Inclusive Access (IA) provide first-day access to course materials and (purportedly) save students time on searching for course materials, they also take away students' right to make those choices for themselves. Opt-in or Opt-out options are frequently very difficult to find and have short windows of time for students to decide. Many times, opting out of the IA package means students automatically fail or are de-enrolled from the course.

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[Information about departmental liaisons; links to campus DEI information (possibly a bio for Heidi Schneider, the DEI person on campus), which will be duplicated in other pages on this LibGuide]

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