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Adams State University
Nielsen Library

Open Educational Resources

Information for Faculty & Staff about OER

ASU's Open Ed Committee Members

Members of the ASU Open Education Committee include:

  • Amanda Langdon

    • Committee Chair, Campus Lead on OER
    • Access Services & Distance Learning Librarian
  • Greg Wilson 

    • Electronic Resources & Discovery, Spanish-Language Librarian at Nielsen Library
  • Margaret Doell

    • Administrative representative & grant awardee
  • Mark Manzanares

    • Colo State OER Council representative
  • Fonz Velasquez

    • Academic Instructional Technology Center (AITC) Instructional Designer
  • Jeff Gallegos

    • Student One-Stop Financial Aid Expert
  • Jennifer Chacon

    • Campus Bookstore representative
  • Ashley Clayton

    • Faculty: Math
  • Bill Tite

    • Faculty: Art
  • Bev DeVore-Wedding

    • Faculty: Teacher Ed (undergrad & grad)
  • Kyle Glenn

    • Faculty: Business & Economics
  • Wes DeVaul

    • Student representative: undergraduate Business & Marketing




Amanda Langdon started work at Nielsen Library in Fall 2018. By the end of that year, she'd been asked to "be" the Library's OER specialist as "other duties as assigned." She came across Channel Island (California)'s "Closing the Gap" webinar, and from that moment on, it became her greatest passion project. The following summer, she and Nielsen's Learning & Engagement Librarian Kat Parker wrote "Bridging the Gap: Rural Librarians’ Journey to Understanding Students’ Role in OER Outreach," published in the International Journal of Open Educational Resources, Special Issue on Librarians as Fundamental, Transformational, & Visionary Leaders in the OER Movement, Winter 2020. In the Fall of 2020, Amanda established the campus' Open Education Committee, and was promptly elected Committee Chair. Through periodic surveys, presentations, and outreach, she has sought to raise awareness across campus of the impact of textbook/course materials costs on students, support faculty in seeking and adopting alternatives, and provide any and all assistance possible to further ASU's budding Open Education Initiative.

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