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Adams State University
Nielsen Library

COMM 379 - Dunne

This guide will provide some starting points for your detective work for your Transmedia Storytelling Digital Project.

Getting started...

The research you do for COMM 379 will be a little different from the research you do for a lot of other classes. It's different for us, your librarians, too.

Usually, most of what we help students with is online or in our main collection of books. But with a lot of the local history materials available both here in the Nielsen Library and other places in the valley, not a lot of information is available online and sometimes it's difficult to know what we have until you start looking.

For this project, you'll be getting your hands dirty - sometimes literally! - using our special collections and microfilm. This is exciting! But it might also be a little bit more time-consuming and might require a little more planning than other kinds of research.

For books and other materials in the library's locked special collections (the Colville Collection, the Cooper Collection, and the ASU Archives), please try to get in touch with one of the course librarians at least one business day before you plan on coming in to look at them.

And for that matter, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of us to ask a question or run an idea by us. It doesn't have to be an emergency and you don't have to be desperate. Even if you're feeling confident, we're happy to chat with you and try to make sure you're covering all your bases for your research.

If you end up doing more projects like this at Adams State or on your own in the future, you'll probably end up spending a fair amount of time talking to librarians and archivists.

This seems like a really fun project and we look forward to working with you!