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3D Printer Guide

3D Printing is when you use a special 3D printer to print a 3D object. In this case, the printer is a Lulzbot Mini and the object is an STL file. You can find STL files on websites like Thingiverse, or you can make your own using software like Tinkercad. We use the program Cura to talk to our 3D printer.

To sign up to print, go to the room reservations page and click on Reserve the 3D Printer.

You must be a current Adams State Faculty, staff, or student to print. Community can sign up to print through one of our workshops.

Right now, all costs are being covered by donations.
Yes! Sign up to the 3D emailing list to be the first to know about upcoming workshops.
Both are plastics used in 3D printing. PLA tends to print faster, and is a stiffer plastic. nGen tends to printer better details, but is slower.
We use Cura as our slicer (the program that talks to the printer). It’s a free download if you’d like to preview your 3D item on your computer. Other programs that we use include Thingiverse (to get and share 3D designs) and Tinkercad (to create your own 3D designs).
Both the art department and the STEM center have 3D printers. Please contact Dana Provence ( for the art department or George Sellman ( for the STEM center if you need more information.

3D Printing - Try It!

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