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Google Scholar Guide

  1. Put in your search terms. Use these Google Search Tips to help you figure out the best terms for your topic.
  2. Google Scholar puts more highly cited articles at the top. These are often older articles. If you would like to see newer articles, use the date filter on the left hand side, or choose Sort by date, also at the left hand side. Go to Google Scholar. Go to Google Scholar.
  1. Find the full text for the article by looking at the right hand side of the article. To see full text that you can get through Adams State University, set up Library Links. Go to Library Links.
  2. If there are no full text links, then clicking on the title will take you to the publisher website. Publisher websites often charge for articles.

Let the library get it for you! Click on "More" below the article summary and then use the "Find It! @Adams" link to request the article through ClioWeb. Go to ClioWeb.

Google Scholar - Try It!

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