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OverDrive Guide

Overdrive is a collection of popular eBooks and audio books. Unlike our academic ebooks, which can be read online, OverDrive eBooks are meant to be downloaded and read on a separate device, like an mp3 player or tablet, although there are options to use the items on a desktop by downloading Adobe Digital Editions.
You can check out 5 items at a time.
To log into Overdrive, select “All Users (except CMC)” from the dropdown list and enter either your Library card number (example: 401…) or asu+900 number (example: asu900XXXX). Go to Overdrive Sign In.

From the catalog:

  1. Go to the library catalog.
  2. Search by title or subject.
  3. Click on the blue button that says “Check Out Overdrive” or “Place Hold Overdrive”.
  4. Enter in your name and your library card number.
  5. Download the item in your preferred format. Holds will be added when they become available.

From the website:

  1. Go to Marmot Overdrive.
  2. Use “collections” to search for audio books or eBooks. Go to Collections.
  3. Use the filters on the side to find books by subject, availability, or preferred format (such as Kindle).
  4. Use the help button for specific instructions based on your device and format.
  5. Click borrow when you find an eBook or audio book you like.

*Please note that most downloads will require a third party reader (Adobe, mp3 player, Kindle account.)

For many, the best way to use OverDrive is on a tablet or smart phone. OverDrive offers two apps, OverDrive and Libby. Use Libby if you’d like an easier to use app.

How to Sign In to the OverDrive App

  • You will be signing in using a library card. The library name is “Marmot Library Network – Adams State University” and the specific library is “All Users (except CMC).” The library number is either your Library card number (example: 401…) or asu+900 number (example: asu900XXXX).
  • Important! You cannot borrow items using the OverDrive app. To borrow items you will have to use the web interface. If you would like to borrow items from within the app, use the new Libby App.

OverDrive has a new app called Libby. Libby is much easier to use than the classic OverDrive, but it might be missing some of the features of the old app.

How to Sign In to the Libby App

  1. After you tap “Hi” the app should automatically find your library by location. If not, search for “Adams State”. When it lists Adams State as an option, choose that option.
  2. The app will ask you to “Select your Library from the list below.” Select “All Users (except CMC)” Then enter in either your Library card number (example: 401…) or asu+900 number (example: asu900XXXX).Tap “Sign In”.
  3. That’s it! You can check out books from within the app by clicking Borrow. The eBook or audio book will then begin to download. It will give you a checkmark next to the item when it is done. Tap “open” to read or listen to your item.
You need an active library account to use OverDrive. If OverDrive will not let you log in, please give the circulation desk a call at 719-587-7781 so that we may update your account.

OverDrive - Try It!

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