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ProQuest eBook Central Guide

ProQuest eBook Central is a database of academic eBooks.
  1. You can search eBooks in the library catalog or directly through ProQuest eBook Central. Go to ProQuest eBook Central.
  2. ProQuest eBook Central may ask you to login. Use your off-campus login, which is the same as your Blackboard login.
  3. Default search is by keyword but you can also choose advanced search and search by author or subject.
  4. Default results are by book, but you can also see results by chapter by clicking on the tab.
The download icon is an arrow pointing down over a page. You can download full chapters or a page range. Please note that copyright restricts the number of pages you can download.

The download icon is an arrow pointing down.

Some eBooks can be downloaded onto your computer or your device. You can find out if a book can be download by pressing the book icon, off to the left hand side of your screen.

If you download the full book you will need Adobe Digital Editions to read it. Because of copyright you cannot keep the downloaded book permanently.

The print icon is the image of a printer.

Because of copyright you can only print a limited number of pages. The print pop-up will tell you how many you can print.

At the very top of your screen you should see a link called Bookshelf. To add books to your bookshelf, press the icon with the image of a book and a plus sign.
You can turn on accessibility mode by going into your settings. Accessibility mode makes it easier for screen readers and for users with limited eyesight to read the text.

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