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Nielsen Library Help Center: I am a Counselor Education Online student. Can I get books from the library?

I am a Counselor Education Online student. Can I get books from the library?

As a distance student, Nielsen Library's Interlibrary Loan system is perfect for research articles. However, when you need a full book, it's a less desirable option. We can get a physical copy ordered and sent to us, but getting it to you outside of Alamosa/the San Luis Valley is the challenge!
The first thing we recommend  for all distance students is get a local public library card. This gives you access to ILL right there in your hometown/local city; it also gives you access to other consortial arrangements around the state. 

Colorado has some great ones like Prospector, Marmot, Aspen Cat, and CLC (Colorado Libraries Collaborate). With CLC, if you are in good standing at your local branch, you may be able to get a library card (for physical items only) from local academic institutions, even if you are not affiliated. 

Ask around at both the academic and public level in your area! We're always the best resource for ONLINE content (articles, government documents, and a small fraction of eBooks), but for physical stuff, try these options! 
If there are no resources at the local level, and you're willing to both a) pay for return shipping, and b) wait considerably longer for materials, we do offer you the following. This will work either for other-libraries' materials or books sent to you from Nielsen's own collection.

*We will request that your item be snail-mailed to us (library shipping rate is slow, but financially necessary), or pull it from our shelves.
*We will snail-mail it to you (at the library rate).
*You will have to pay out of pocket to mail the material back to us in a timely manner (postage method of your choosing).
*If applicable, we will mail it back 'home'.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know! I'm your direct representative here in the Library, as a Distance student!

Amanda Langdon, MLIS

Counselor Education students may also request the library purchase books. If we don’t have it, the library will consider purchasing it as an e-book. Requesting it does not guarantee purchase.

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