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Do you have my textbook?

Maybe! To see if we have your textbook for physical checkout from the library:

  1. Search the "Textbook Look-Up" function on the Adams State Bookstore's homepage to find out your textbook name and edition.
  2. You can search for your text several ways:
    1. Search the library catalog for just the title..
    2. Search by course name or number.
    3. Search by instructor.
  3. If you do not see the book, check with your faculty -- it may be available via Blackboard.
  4. If they have not used the course reserves offerings (print or online), you can check Prospector and request your book from another library; it should arrive in about a (business) week. Please be aware that books from other libraries can only be checked out for ~3 weeks, with 1 renewal possible.
  5. If you do see the book in the catalog/above search features, it will either be down on the first floor behind the circulation desk (Reserves) or it will be on the 3rd floor shelf -- check the call number for specific locatoins!


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