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Nielsen Library Help Center: My off-campus login is not working.

Welcome to the Nielsen Library Help Center

My off-campus login is not working.

If your off-campus login is not working, try the following:

  • Log into Blackboard. If you can log in here you should be able to use the same credentials to login to off-campus access to library resources.
  • Check your password carefully - most of the time, the password is the problem.  We either are moving too quickly and not carefully entering it, we might have let our browsers remember passwords but since then have changed them, etc.  So be careful and patient when entering your password, write it out on a piece of paper if that will help you confirm you have it correct, etc.
  • If this does not work, contact computing services at 719-587-7741 as you may need to re-set your campus account password

Off-campus access is available to current Adams State students, faculty, and staff.

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