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Counselor Education: Video Shorts

Video Shorts

Below are some short (5-15 minute) videos walking you through some of the basic resources the University and Nielsen Library offer. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Faculty, or to the Library Liaison for your department: Amanda Langdon, or 719-587-7173.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Please read!

Summer 2024 will see some significant changes to EBSCO, our primary Library Discovery platform. Once these changes have been fully implemented and understood by library staff, the following videos will be updated/re-recorded, but that process will take some time. Much of the information should remain the same; however, the pages and search options are going to look considerably different. If you need help navigating either the current or the new EBSCO interfaces, please reach out to Amanda Langdon ( or 719-587-7173), or the Nielsen Library Reference Desk ( or 719-587-7879), and we will help however possible.

Navigating the Counselor Ed Library Guide

This video provides an overview of navigating the Counselor Education Research Guide and some resources that may help you throughout your program. 

Thinking About Information

This video provides a discussion on thinking about the research you are consuming and how to evaluate the validity of searches critically. There is also a discussion regarding maintaining academic integrity when using research.

Tips for Searching EBSCO

This video will be available soon!

Using Psychotherapy.Net

This video provides an overview of Psychotherapy.Net. This is a good resource if you are looking for counseling videos on therapeutic approaches, therapeutic issues, experts in the field, and working with various populations.  

*Please note, the formatting of the Research Guide has changed slightly since this video was recorded, but all other information is still relevant. To contact me with any questions, please email or call 719-587-7173.

Resources for PhD Candidates

This video is to support Ph.D. students who are engaging in research, whether it is for an assignment or as you are working on your dissertation. It provides information on how to improve your searchers and how to get in touch with the library if you have any questions and how the library can help you search for information based on your research topic(s).

Getting in Touch with Nielsen Library

Personal EBSCO Account Creation

Warning: this service is going to experience a fairly significant overhaul, likely in Fall 2024. Please be aware that any folders created before the change-over will NOT be saved or ported over. Once the change-over takes place, this video will be updated to reflect the new processes, but again, your created folders will NOT carry over!

Requesting Interlibrary Loan Items

Using Mental Measurements Yearbook

This video provides an overview of the Mental Measurements Yearbook. Please note that this resource provides reviews of using the measurement - it does not provide the actual measurement.

Finding Dissertations & Theses on ProQuest

This video provides an overview of how to use ProQuest to help you find dissertations and theses. 

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