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Borrowing Material from Other Libraries: eBooks from Elsevier & Springer

eBooks from Elsevier & Springer

What Makes eBooks Different?

Elsevier and Springer have opened some of their collections to electronic lending. Springer & Elsevier are academic publishers, which means this is better for scholarly information than for leisure materials.

How to Use Springer/Elsevier eBook Searching:

Access to Springer & Elsevier's e-books is being hosted by Prospector, so you'll use the Prospector interface for searching. 

Type either Springer or Elsevier into the Prospector Search box.

  1. Searching just this term will bring back everything that is available through that publisher, regardless of topic, if you're interested in browsing.
  2. Adding your search topic keywords after the publisher name will bring back the electronic books available on that topic. (e.g. Springer climate change)

Requesting Material

  1. Look for the "Request It" button next to the correct citation/format information. 
  2. A popup window should appear, asking for your affiliation; Adams State is at the top.
  3. Submit the information.
  4. You'll be asked to input your name (natural order: First then Last), and your ASU 900 number. *Please note, you need to include the letters ASU (not case sensitive) and the full 900 number.
  5. Submit, and your request will be processed. 
  6. You will receive an email including a link to your ebook in downloadable PDF format.

Video Demo (includes SILLVR & eBooks)


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