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Borrowing Material from Other Libraries: Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

*Please check Google Scholar before requesting articles -- you won't have to wait for us to process requests that may be freely available.*

Best Method:

Search Nielsen Library's Discovery Search (homepage search box) or specific databases from the Nielsen Library pages.

From list of search results, click "Request full text through Interlibrary Loan via ClioWeb." This will fill in the citation for you.

Alternate Method:

If the above link doesn't work, go to the Interlibrary Loan login page directly. You'll need to copy and paste the citation into the form manually.

How it works & Turnaround Times:

Article requests (for on-campus & distance users) will go to Rapid first -- the turnaround time for this nationwide system is typically 24-48 hours (Mon-Fri), although it can take longer. If the material is not available in Rapid, requests go to WorldShare. This is a worldwide network, and although article delivery is usually within 3-7 business days, it can take up to 40+ days for delivery. Articles are emailed to you with a link and password, which expire after 30 days or 5 uses, whichever comes first. Please be sure to save any material you need promptly!

Book/DVD/physical material requests by ON-CAMPUS users* go directly to WorldShare. Because ILL utilizes snail-mail, requests can take 1-3 weeks or longer to be delivered to Nielsen Library. This is why we recommend Prospector for physical items (see Prospector page for more details). Physical materials are mailed to Nielsen Library where we hold them for 2 weeks before mailing them back. Due dates are set by the home/lending library; renewals should be requested through We send 2-3 notification emails. If you do not pick up your materials (or contact us) in a timely manner, your borrowing privileges may be revoked. Please see Nielsen Library's Interlibrary Loan Policy for details.

*Distance students, please contact or Amanda Langdon for more information and better alternatives.

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