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Resource sharing

Borrowing Material from Other Libraries

Nielsen Library can provide material we don't own, through resource sharing with other libraries. This guide contains information about the different resources. Tips and How-To's under each page.

1) Interlibrary Loan (ILL): 

Best resource for academic articles and e-book chapters. Second-best resource for physical materials like books or DVDs.

2) Prospector:

Best resource for physical materials like books or DVDs.

3) SILLVR (Streaming ILL Video Resources):

Access to academic and popular videos.

4) Elsevier & Springer e-Books:

Access to full e-books as well as individual chapters not available via ILL.

WHO can get WHAT and HOW

Who can get what and how
  On-Campus Students Distance Students ASU Faculty & Staff SLV Community Borrowers
Can I get ARTICLES through Interlibrary Loan? YES YES YES Only as a last resort, only limited usage
Can I Get BOOKS/DVDs? YES NO YES Maybe -- see below
Prospector, Marmot, Mobius -- *Try these local options first!* YES No -- please contact for better alternatives YES YES
Interlibrary Loan -- only if not available through Prospector, etc. Yes, if not locally available No -- please contact for better alternatives YES, if not locally available No -- Prospector or Marmot only

Items that may not be available for interlibrary loan, depending on the lending library:

  • Textbooks 

  • Rare or fragile items

  • Special Collections, including some Audio/Visual material (depending on the institution)

  • Reference books (collection designed for in-house use only)

  • Reserve books (course reserves, textbook reserves)



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