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Nielsen Library Policies: Services for Public / SLV Community Patrons

Public / SLV Community Patrons

Printing / Scanning Assistance:

Both Adams State and Nielsen Library truly appreciate our community users, and strive to provide the best possible service to members of the SLV public. However, as an institution with minimal funding and chronic short-staffing, we are sadly unable to provide the level of excellent customer service we would like in every situation. We are sometimes forced to prioritize, and as an academic institution, ASU affiliates (Students, Faculty, and Staff) must come before Community users.

Rather than imposing a page-limit on printing as many institutions do, staff will spend no more than 20 minutes per patron, per day on community printing or technical assistance (printing, scanning, photocopying, e-book access, etc.).  Any additional time provided will be at the individual staff member’s discretion.

Printing rates are $0.10 per page for Black & White, and $0.50 per page for Color printouts. Scanning is free of charge.


Use of Study Rooms / Private Spaces:

Policy under development.


Use of Computers / Computer Labs:

The computers in the labs are available only for Adams State University students, staff, and faculty. Community members can use the ASU guest WiFi on their own devices, check out a laptop (if they have a library card or ID), or use one of four guest kiosks in the library to search the library catalog.

If you need help getting connected to the guest wifi please call the reference desk at 719-587-7879.

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