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Nielsen Library Policies: Special Collections

Special Collections

These policies govern Nielsen Library's Special Collections. These include the Archives, the Cooper Room, the Colville Room, and the Colorado Room's newspaper clippings. The materials in these collections are often times irreplaceable, so access is limited.

Unlike other library collections, browsing is not permitted in these rooms. (Browsing is self-directed searching). You will need to know ahead of time what you want to look at (using the Library Catalog or the Special Collections Research Guide), and we will pull the material for you. Access and usage will be monitored.

A photo ID is required as collateral to use material.

Quantity will be limited; we will not provide carts of materials, only what can easily and safely be carried.

Fragile material may be restricted in usage. Photocopying and scanning must be approved by a Librarian to prevent potential damage to material.

Appointments should be made by contacting Jeff Bullington ( or 719-587-7820). Walk-ins may or may not be able to obtain what they need.

Pens, highlighters, and food or drink (including water bottles) are forbidden. Pencils can be provided for note-taking.


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